Converse decided to open new channels of communication with their target for Converse Cons and build strong branding in their audience’s mind.

Converse cons will create and curate contents based on target real interest through a honest dialogue with them to understand what matters to them at given point. Furthermore, Cons will provide opportunities to these people to become better at what they love to do.

Curate content based on audience's real interest, curate branded contents, Deploy Campaign on key media partners, Competition and collaboration, Opportunities to the winning talents, Creative active becomes brand ambassador in organic way.

Digital Platform Radar is the main communication tool between Cons and audience. Featuring mixture of fresh content, combined with highlights influential creative actives to showcase their work.

Workshop boot camps
Cons is the new ambassador for creativity. Offering a week workshop in different cities, and focusing on 5 fields: Music, art, design, tech and new media and fashion.

Exhibitions and promotion
All the work created during the boot camp is generating content for the digital space, but giving these artists the possibility to show their work. Cons will promote this work to galleries, support exhibitions and producing albums.

Converse cons embrace the past trough innovation and experimentation. That's why we decided to use J Dilla as main character for the launching campaign. J Dilla is a producer's producer. Favorite one of big names as Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. Together with Radar and a TV spot, we focus our campaign in a collaboration with Sound Cloud, a platform representing millions of users passionate about contents and culture.

Teaser video that we made for the presentation to client of Converse Cons project. In order to do it, we used footage from Influencers, 8 hours in Brooklyn, Beats of New York and Levi's go forth videos.