TEDx Stockholm

We proudly present our first collaboration with TEDx Stockholm. Their identity video that will be present on all their audiovisual material, including workshops and TEDx talks.


What happens when you put inside a blender an amazing brand like converse, a relaunching campaign exiting and challenging at the same time, and 5 hungry creatives together?

Looking forward for our delivery for @TEDxStockholm on the 27th at @HonestySTHLM

@Converse project keeps growing. Getting closer to deadline and some really nice ideas to be presented soon!!

Two more amazing projects to @weareimmigrants : @TEDxStockholm and a medical scandinavian research with @MITnews and @Harvard supporting it

@weareimmigrants: We start our twitter posts having a great workshop with #converse team as our first client. Really exiting!!